Dynamics Ax Alerting multiple users (By email)

First things first… the original post that I found about this topic can be found here : http://dynamic-ax.co.uk/DynamicsAXAlertsToMultipleUsers.aspx But since the link to the xpo was broken , I created this post to put this online and make some minor changes. (Don’t mind some best practices stuff like labels, security keys, … because you’ll probably […]

Debug Alerts in Dynamics Ax 2009

Today I was creating some alert rules and needed to make some modifications to the alerting functionality. Something didn’t go quite as expected, so I wanted to debug the execution of an alert action. Here is how you can do it : Make sure the debug mode is set to ‘when breakpoint’ for the user […]

X++ run a process with user credentials

When you want to run for example a command prompt from within the X++ language, you can use the following code : Let’s assume that the following parameters were passed to the method : FileName : “C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe” Arguments : “” RunAsAdmin : true UseShellExecute : true WaitForExit : false   1 2 3 4 5 […]

Dynamics Ax AIF Web Service reference credential problem

  At a customer’s site, I was creating some extra AIF wcf services so that some extra tables would be externally available. For creating the WCF service, I was using the service wizard in Ax 2009 which is described here : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa609947.aspx The newly created service was deployed to the Internet Information Server but when the […]

Dynamics AX 6.0 – SQL AOD

Owkay, have a seat and hold on to whatever you can hold on to… As of the beginning of AX (Axapta) we have always been used to working with AOD files. But it seems that the days of the AOD fileformat are numbered ! There are a couple of reasons why the use of AOD […]

Dynamics Ax : Posting packing slip for a shipment X++

To post a packing slip in Dynamics Ax for a Shipment you can do the following : void postPackingSlipForShipment() {     SalesFormLetter salesFormLetter;     Set             shipmentsToPostSet = new Set(Types::String);     ;       shipmentsToPostSet.add(wmsShipmentCreated.shipmentId);       salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PackingSlip);     salesFormLetter.parmLibMkdShipmentId(this.parmLIBMKDShipmentSignOffLine().ShipmentId);     salesFormLetter.parmWmsShipmentIdSet(shipmentsToPostSet);     salesFormLetter.update(wmsShipmentCreated, systemDateGet(), SalesUpdate::PickingList, AccountOrder::Account); } Notice the parmWmsShipmentIdSet parameter. This is […]

Using C# / XML / XSLT to create Excel Spreadsheet

This article will not go into the details of the SpreadSheetML format but is inteded to show a way of creating Excel spreadsheets programatically. There are several ways to do this and this is only one of them so I am also not going to make comparisons between the different methods. In this example we […]

Disable Driver Signing in Windows Vista / Windows 7

Today I wanted to install USB drivers from garmin on my box running Windows 7. Windows started complaining about the driver not being signed and thus I could not proceed with the installation of the garmin software. The solution here is to disable the driver signing. You can do this in several ways. First is […]

Dynamics Ax Get and Remove text from the Infolog

Sometimes you want a process to log infolog data into a text field instead of sending it to the infolog. For example you are posting 6 custom made journalTables and if something goes wrong you want the infologdata to be stored in a Log field on the table and you want to continue with the […]