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Dynamics AX7 Add-ins : Deploying separate assemblies

A small tip today for those creating add-ins for Dynamics AX7. If you are creating an add-in, the template provides you with a project containing a class for your menu add-in. [Export(typeof(IMainMenu))] public class MainMenuAddIn : MainMenuBase The other thing present in your project is a post-build script that will copy the target assembly to […]

CombineXpos.exe Length cannot be less than zero

When I was using the combineXPOs.exe executable the other day on a new project, I ran into an issue. The error message thrown by the tool was the following:   CombineXPOs.exe : Warning [-5] CombineXPOs.exe : Error [<pathToXpo>] Length cannot be less than zero.   I remembered that Martin Dráb ran into the same error […]

Dynamics AX 7 Tip : What services are exposed?

Hi guys! This is not actually a full blown blog post, but a small, convenient and quick way too list the services that are being exposed by the AOS. This can be used to see if you custom created service is actually being exposed.   In your browser, go to the following URL: https://<yourAosIisWebsite>/api/services. In […]

What about this new eXceLleNT Dynamics AX compiler?

As the new major release of Dynamics AX is released, we can now dig a little deeper into some of the new stuff available to us now. And boy did they put in a lot of effort! Previous major releases did bring us some new tools, but there was a balance between new tooling and […]

How we do AX releases – Part 1

“Good release management practices ensure that when your software is built, it will be successfully deployed to the people who want to use it. You have the opportunity to satisfy existing customers and hopefully to win new ones.”  It’s a statement coming from a excellent article dicussing 7 ways to improve your releases. Before continuing […]

AX2012 Extension framework generation wizard

Many of you might have come accross the Extension Framework while venturing in AX2012 for some years now. Personally, I use this pattern a lot in my code as the benefits of using it are obvious: Your extensions are more decoupled from the standard code which reduces upgrade work Your code will be more robust […]

RM for VS2013 : Creating the deployment sequence

This is the third post in a series discussing automated releases for Dynamics AX 2012 with ReleaseManagement for Visual Studio 2013. Before, we discussed the following topics: Part 1 discussed the pros and cons of ReleaseManagement and gave a glimpse on how we would fit in Dynamics AX. With part 2 , a first tool was created. This […]

Permission denied in database ‘TempDB’

Today, opening the Global address book form presented me this nice error: Permission denied in database ‘TempDB’. And this is not the first time this one surfaced, but most of the online solutions are not entirely correct. So let’s explain this one. Doing an online search will show you that the reason of this is […]

RM for VS2013 : Increase TFS deployment timeout

Today I saw that the TFS build had triggered the ReleaseManagement client but that it had failed. A closer look at it told me that TFS thought it had been waiting long enough and decided that the deployment failed. So I went to the ReleaseManagement client and tried to increase the timeout for TFS Triggered […]