Dynamics Ax

AX2012 R2 Enterprise portal installation issues – Part 1

The last few days I have been playing around with the Enterprise Portal. I needed to setup a High Available portal and there were soms discoveries along the road. Though I’m planning on writing some other posts on the general architecture used when installing the Enterprise Portal in a HA environment and the possible installation […]

Hosting custom WPF calendar control in AX 2012

The requirement A couple of days ago, I needed to create a calendar like lookup but it had to be possible to block out dates for selection. In Dynamics AX, there is calendar lookup form available, but there are some minors to it: It is not really (easy) customizable It has limited functionality What I […]

Running AX2012 R2 locally on Windows 2012 Server booted directly from VHD

I have been working on a large project since a couple of months now and we use a virtualized environment where every developer has his own proprietary development machine. I am not going to make any statements about virtualization and the hardware that is beneath all of those machines is definitely ok.But here’s the thing: […]

AX2012 R2 : DB Sync – Failed to create a session

  Thanks to a Kevin Roos, for spending the time to look into this one! We have been seeing the following error lately in AX2012 R2: Failed to create a session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics A closer look into this learned that this is linked […]


I often see code that still uses the WinApi::GetTickCount method to measure an interval of time.¬†And though there is nothing wrong with it, I wanted to show an alternative method : the StopWatch already known in .Net for quite some time. The sample below show the usage of the stopwatch while I was testing something […]