Dynamics Ax

Performance in Dynamics Ax 2012

Today I attended what I think was the most interesting session of the conference for me. (There will be one about AIF today but I think this will not as interesting as what I learned about performance) Basically what they did can be devided in these categories : Scale up and scale out on AOSs […]

Dynamics Ax 2012 Technical conference : Day 1 : Part 1

This articles will be brief, because I don’t have much time between the sessions J Yesterdag was the first day of the Dynamics Technical conference and following sessions were attended by me: Programming model improvements Part 1 of 2 Programming model improvements Part 2 of 2 Developing in .NET managed code and X++ Enhancements Solving […]

IDMF Post Installation Issue : ODBC Connection

After the installation of the IDMF there are some post installation steps to do. One of them is to populate the IDMF Management database with data from the Cross Reference. To do this, some job has to be run on the production database that makes connection to the IDMF database by ODBC. When I tried […]

AIF: Service actions lost after recreating service

When you delete service objects (classes, macros, service node…) and recreate the service you may have run into the issue that none of the service operations were visible. Here’s how I solved it today when having the same issue. (We had to remove everything or else the problem was not solved)   The problem is that […]

Decisions Dynamics Ax Virtual Conference

This afternoon the virtual conference will take place at 09:00 am EST (3 pm ET). The session content can be found here but I’m particularly interested in the Performance session (presented by Dick Wenning) and the Batch framework session (presented by Robert Boone). Please not that registering can still be done and is completely free of […]

AIF : Enable net.tcp binding on WCF service

Today I wanted to check out what the impact of changing the binding method to net.tcp instead of wsHttpBinding was. But to be able to use net.tcp as a binding, some things need to be done. IIS Setup The first thing to do is making sure everything is in place on the IIS 7 side. For […]

Event Handling in X++

When you are writing code in C# you can create events and define delegate methods that will be called when the event is triggered. Unfortunately, this is not implemented in the X++ language. I have read some nice posts about how eventing is implemented in .NET and about the design patterns used (observer, …) and […]

Calling methods on a caller form

This is actually something small but it comes in handy from time to time ! Due to the poor design on some form I have to make changes to, I needed this thing here. I replaced a button on the form with code behind it (yes, business logic behind a button is a BAD practice […]

Debugging AIF on Windows 2008

For those who are using Windows 2008 as server platform and want to debug the Dynamics 2009 AIF… this will help! We are using AIF WCF web services to communicate between a .NET portal and Dynamics Ax. And while developing we were unable to debug the code running in the Business Connector. Since we were […]