I often see code that still uses the WinApi::GetTickCount method to measure an interval of time. And though there is nothing wrong with it, I wanted to show an alternative method : the StopWatch already known in .Net for quite some time. The sample below show the usage of the stopwatch while I was testing something […]

Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 VPC : new features?

Hi everyone, This is actually more a question that a post Last week, I have downloaded the R2 virtual machine and fired it up to venture in the new capabilities of Dynamics AX 2012 R2. (And yes, shamefully I missed the Technical conference !) Once the thing booted up, I could immediately  see that the […]

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services!

Today I can finally present you my first book that is published : Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services! As you might have guessed by the title of the book, it covers everything there is to know about services within Dynamics AX 2012. This includes topics like the service architecture, WCF, document services, custom services , […]

Data Migration Framework Hands-on

Architecture of the DMF The Data Migration Framework uses a three-step process to import data into Dynamics AX. Source files are imported into staging tables Data is transferred from the stating tables to the target tables Staging table cleanup The import of source files is handled by SQL Server using DTSX (Data Transformation Services) packages. […]

Ax 2012 and ETW (Event Tracing for Windows)

Now let’s get into to business quick and start off with a question : “How often did you want to reproduce / debug a certain process without actually knowing where the source of the problem may reside?” Well the answer to that question for most of us will be : “Quite a lot” and then […]

SysOperationFramework : Field display order

Since the arrival of Dynamics Ax 2012, the traditional RunBaseBatch framework is getting obsolete. This has been replaced by the SysOperationFramework. This framework brings a few nice features that were missing in the RunBaseBatch framework. One them is the MVC pattern to separate concerns. The basics I would like to start with a few links […]

AX2012 Editor Extensions

Today I was reading a very interesting post about possible extensions to the editor in AX 2012 and I would very much like to share it. Basically it explains that the editor is a hosted visual studio editor (that was already clear) and by knowing this, it is also possible to use the extensions that […]