AIF: Service actions lost after recreating service

When you delete service objects (classes, macros, service node…) and recreate the service you may have run into the issue that none of the service operations were visible. Here’s how I solved it today when having the same issue. (We had to remove everything or else the problem was not solved)   The problem is that […]

AIF : Enable net.tcp binding on WCF service

Today I wanted to check out what the impact of changing the binding method to net.tcp instead of wsHttpBinding was. But to be able to use net.tcp as a binding, some things need to be done. IIS Setup The first thing to do is making sure everything is in place on the IIS 7 side. For […]

Dynamics AIF : Query Update Stacktrace

Today, when updating some records through AIF I got the following error : This is definitely not a clear error since the only thing was wrong is that the Update property was set to No instead of Yes on the Query’s datasource. Thanks to a collegue of mine (from artofcreation) to point this one out […]

Dynamics AIF : Null vs Empty string

Today I experienced that when using AIF through web services, you have to pay attention to the difference between an empty string and a null value. We created a service for inventory locations and we had the InventLocationId filled in by the AIF. But when calling the service we received an error everytime telling us […]

Dynamics AIF : Tracing Web Service calls

When using AIF through web services, you can be in the dark when you want to know what’s really going on in there. Additionally you can have trouble debugging the thing when you are running a Windows 2008 box. (Contacted Microsoft last week and the response was that debuggin AIF webservices does not work on […]

Dynamics AIF : Invalid child element in namespace

A couple of days ago, I encountered this problem while calling the InventInventLocation AIF web service’s create operation. System.ServiceModel.FaultException : Invalid document schema. The following error is reported : The element ‘InventLocation’ in namespace ‘’ has invalid child element ‘InventLocationIdQuarantine’ in namespace ‘’. List of possible elements expected: ‘InventLocationId’ in namespace ‘’.  The error itself […]

Dynamics Ax AIF Web Service reference credential problem

  At a customer’s site, I was creating some extra AIF wcf services so that some extra tables would be externally available. For creating the WCF service, I was using the service wizard in Ax 2009 which is described here : The newly created service was deployed to the Internet Information Server but when the […]