AIF : Enable net.tcp binding on WCF service

Today I wanted to check out what the impact of changing the binding method to net.tcp instead of wsHttpBinding was. But to be able to use net.tcp as a binding, some things need to be done.

IIS Setup

The first thing to do is making sure everything is in place on the IIS 7 side.
For being enabled as binding method, make sure the following feature is installed.

By installing this, you can add net.tcp bindings in IIS. So right now we can start by going to the IIS manager and add net.tcp as a binding method on the Dynamics Ax AIF Application.

After adding the site binding, enable the net.tcp binding as protocol on the Application

Dynamics Ax AIF Webservice setup

Once the IIS is ready to pass net.tcp requests, we can configure the Dynamics Ax Web Service to work with net.tcp binding.

Inside Dynamics Ax, go to Basic à Setup à Application Integration Framework à Services and click the configure button. Now the configuration editor will start. Here you can select the service you want to alter and change the binding method to net.tcp. You also have to specify the address here. In this case it is: net.tcp://hostname:808/DynamicsAX50AIFServices/nvmpconfigtableservice.svc

Once you have done this, you can go ahead and regenerate the service artifacts and refresh the services on the calling applications.