IDMF Post Installation Issue : ODBC Connection

After the installation of the IDMF there are some post installation steps to do. One of them is to populate the IDMF Management database with data from the Cross Reference.

To do this, some job has to be run on the production database that makes connection to the IDMF database by ODBC. When I tried to do this I get the error that the connection failed. Therefor I have made a little change to the classes responsible for the population.

The DMTPopulateManagementDBcreateConnection method is altered to work with a DSN (for some reason it did not work for me if not using a DSN) (And please don’t mind the hard coded name J)

For this to work, we need to create a system DSN on Windows to point to the SQL Server database. So we create one:

But there is one issue here: On a 64-bit 2008 Server, the dynamics client will not find the 64-bit DSN created, so we have to start the 32 bit version of the ODBC Tool.

When the 32 bit DSN is created, it worked for me.