ListPageInteraction lookup

Small post and to the point 🙂

I wanted to point out a small detail that I was forgotten today in AX2012. When you want to add custom logic to a ListPage form, you might want to write your own custom ListPageInteraction class. So what you need to is just create a class that extends from the ListPageInteraction class and then you can select it in the combo box on the corresponding form, right? Well the answer is no!

There’s a small detail here that might be missed. The kernel does not only look for classes that extend ListPageInteraction, but your classname also needs to end with ‘ListPageInteraction’. So when you add a class and name it so long that you have to shortnen it (MyTooLongClassNameForAListPInteract) it won’t show up in the list! Rename it to MyListPageInteraction and it shows up in the dialog!