RM for VS2013 : Increase TFS deployment timeout

Today I saw that the TFS build had triggered the ReleaseManagement client but that it had failed. A closer look at it told me that TFS thought it had been waiting long enough and decided that the deployment failed. So I went to the ReleaseManagement client and tried to increase the timeout for TFS Triggered deployments. But the maximum value allowed in the client is 99 minutes. Yes… 99 minutes so clearly my AX deployment will take longer due to full compile, report deployment, portal deployment, …























To get around this, you can skip the client and dive into the SQL database of ReleaseManagement. There is a table called SystemSettings which contains all of the RM settings. To get the timeout above the 99 minutes, just update the DeploymentStatusCheckMaxWaitInMinutes field with the value you need here.


UPDATE [ReleaseManagement].[dbo].[SystemSettings]
SET    DeploymentStatusCheckMaxWaitInMinutes = 180

Reopen the client and there you have it.



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