My name is Saelen Kenny and I live in Belgium (Brussels area).
As of 2004, I am working with Microsoft Dynamics Ax (at the time Axapta 3.0)

Since then, I live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics Ax and I was awarded my first MVP title in 2014.

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  1. Hi Kenny,
    I have a question about preparation of entity key lists. The normal way is, to define this like “keyData = SysDictTable::getKeyData(custTable);”
    In my case, I get the RecId but I need the naturalKey for my outbound update message instead. Do you know some samples to prepare this in the axd class? I’ve seen, there is a method called useNaturalKey and a possibility to manipulate the KeyMap in getEntityKeyReplaycmentElementMap. Do you have some experiences to do this? I can’t find anything in the web.

    Best regards,

  2. Yes, this seam like the procedure from the Standard case. In my case I will couple an Ax2009 with an Ax2012 System. Due to the number of messages has been agreed on a natural common key to send update services without a read action. So I have to generate “Natural Key Lists” for tables like EcoResProduct and some others. In ths tables, I’m looking for a work around to avoid adjustments to the table.

    Best regards,

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