Dynamics AX 6.0 – SQL AOD

Owkay, have a seat and hold on to whatever you can hold on to…

As of the beginning of AX (Axapta) we have always been used to working with AOD files. But it seems that the days of the AOD fileformat are numbered !

There are a couple of reasons why the use of AOD files has become slightly obsolete :

  • The MorphX environment has been decreasing in performance because of the increasing number of objects in the AOT
  • Searching for text in the AOT nodes takes a huge amount of time

So if AOD files don’t cut it anymore, what is there to be used then? Well Dynamics Ax 6.0 will be the first version ever to have the AOT metadata stored in the SQL Server backend !!
For the users using MorphX there is no difference except for the fact that it will be much more responsive, faster, … (fe searching for a text in all the methods of all forms completes in 2 seconds ! )

The next question will probably be : How are we going to transport between different Ax environments…? Well the answer is the new fileformat : *.axModel
This format is also a binary fileformat as the AOD file but they are much smaller then AOD files (Half the size) and there will be a new tool to export/import them into a SQL Database.

The client will be configurable to point to a certain model file to use in the client session. So it will be possible to fire up an Ax client and choose a certain model file to work in. Then you can create your solution and when you’re done all the changes will be available in that .axModel file and will be easily transported to other environments.

This will be a benefit in several situations, but if you want to read the full explanation, you can find a lot of info here : http://blogs.msdn.com/mfp/