Disable Driver Signing in Windows Vista / Windows 7

Today I wanted to install USB drivers from garmin on my box running Windows 7. Windows started complaining about the driver not being signed and thus I could not proceed with the installation of the garmin software.

The solution here is to disable the driver signing. You can do this in several ways.

  • First is to run some dos commands to disable it but I am not going to describe this here for the simple fact that this method does not work anymore after some of the updates are already present.
  • Second is to disable Driver Signing Enforcement at bootup. You can call up the advanced boot menu by Pressing F8 and then there is an option to disable driver signing enforcement. This does work and solved the problem for me because the driver neatly installed.
  • Third manner of doing this is the automated version of the second way : Ready Driver. Ready driver is a tool that will run at bootup and will automatically do the steps for you without you needing to do them. The thing here is that by doing it this way, you always have it disabled.


I used the second method because I just wanted to disable it for this bootup.